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I am in a word, passionate ….. passionate about music, and the amazing alchemy that occurs when a visual element is supported and enhanced by music. My path as a composer began at the
Berklee College of Music in Boston, then took me to New York City where I have been writing ever since. As an award-winning composer, I have created musical branding for Google, XBox, Nintendo, and many others. As an orchestrator, I have worked on films for Disney, Warner Brothers, and the logo for Columbia Pictures. For me music is a never-ending expedition in story telling. All music has something I can take away from it, build upon, and be inspired by. Tom Waits to Bartok, Thomas Newman to Danger Mouse, Stravinsky to Spoon - all open creative doors for me. Although music has been the central focus of my life, I do find time to drag my share of pots at the poker table, and spend an evening at a wine tasting.